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No matter what your problem is, Haomei has a solution. We focus on working out the exceptional aluminum substrate solutions that well fit to your custom-designed needs.

440 Tons 3105 Roof Aluminum Sheet to Canada

Good news from Haomei's foreign trade department again! Haomei successfully signed an order for 440 tons of 3105 roof aluminum sheet with a Canadian customer!  

This customer from Canada contacted us via the Internet and sent us an email to express his purchase needs. Then, our business manager timely communicated with Canadian customers over the phone and conducted in-depth exchanges to understand their specific usage. The 3105 aluminum sheet required by the customer is used for the roof and can be separately coated in the future. Subsequently, our manager proposed to provide free samples to test whether it meets the roofing material standards. After testing, Haomei 3105 roof aluminum sheet meets the requirements. Then, the Canadian customer verified Haomei Al locally and on the Internet. The strength in China, the credibility and reputation in overseas markets are very good. At the same time, coupled with the attentive service and solid professional knowledge of Haomei's business manager, the communication and cooperation process is very smooth. In the end, the Canadian customer decided to place an order for 440 tons of 3105 roof aluminum sheets to Aluminum Factory sheet manufacturer!

440 Tons 3105 Roof Aluminum Sheet to Canada

Use of 3105 aluminum plate

1. Cover material. Due to the excellent deep drawability of 3105 aluminum plate, it can meet the design requirements of different bottle mouths of wine products.

2. Mobile houses, residential wall panels. 3105 aluminum plate is used as a wall, even in a very humid environment (such as an island), it can easily form a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, and has strong corrosion resistance. If the film surface is scratched and damaged, new films can also be produced quickly.

3. Other usage. Color coated aluminum substrate, rain gear, lamp holder, blinds, etc. The surface of the 3105 aluminum plate that has been anodized can be painted with rich colors, so that lighting fixtures, rain gear and other products have a rich design sense, and it will not take a long time to change color.

3105 Roof Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

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